Brickell Magazine THE GO-GETTERS 2022

Antonio Rojas

MS in Finance ‘17 | MS in Leadership ‘19

As the CEO & Creative Director for men’s luxury swimwear brand Capelle Miami, Antonio Rojas has created an empire that brings a signature “Miami” look and feel into every design of his limited collections featuring unique motifs. A huge part of his success can be attributed to his time at Miami Herbert Business School. “It was during a GLOBE trip as part of one of my courses that I met a variety of manufacturers that eventually turned my dream of launching my fashion company into a reality.” Sage words of advice? “I encourage everyone to keep it up, keep scaling, keep growing, and keep meeting people,” he says. “Success takes a village!” 

Words by Jorge Arauz | Photos by Josue Acosta | February 23, 2022 |

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