It can be quite challenging staying up to date with fashion trends.

This is even more difficult with swimwear considering the fact that all you’ve got to make your fashion statement is no more than a square foot of fabric.

All the same, if you’re all for nailing your poolside cool this 2019, here are some of the most popular men’s swimwear trends of 2019 you may buy into.


If you’ve always thought that botanical prints are only reserved for women, you’ll have to think again. This is 2019 and floral shorts are now a big deal in men’s fashion.

The good thing is that they’d do fine with most clothes.

You’ve got to see the Ocean Swim Shorts 2 and this Ocean Swim Shorts 4 from Capelle Miami to understand what we’re saying.


The retro appeal in fashion is not restricted to sportswear alone; it’s also present in swimwear fashion. Now, it’s not just about being present, retro swim shorts are currently in vogue and you may want to add them as part of your 2019 summer style.

Many times, you’ll see them come in an A-line shape with wide leg holes.

Some may appear flattering, leaving ample room for flapping. You want them lined so Harry and Sally can stay in place when you have to lay back or lounge.


You want to avoid clashing prints so all your snaps can be right on point.

Simple block-color shorts are great for this and in 2019; they are no doubt stylish and trendy. You’ll, however, need to find a shade that suits you fine while also accentuating your coloring. Any color aside from black is great for the summer sunshine.

The Ocean 8 and Ocean 12 are just two of the block-color shorts from the Capelle Miami’s Ocean Swim Shorts line. Capelle Miami shorts are particularly loved for their comfort on the skin along with their trendy and stylish designs.

These three are definitely worth the consideration of every trend and style-conscious male. They are undoubtedly a prominent part of men’s swimwear fashion as far as 2019 goes.

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